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Thanks for Stopping by! is an American company, building American made toys, Made with American grown timber, cut down by American workers, made with American tools and mailed through the United States Postal Service. Oorah!!


We build only quality toy weaponry, build to outlast your young soldier or backyard barbarian. All our products are quality tested right here in our own backyard by our own, rough and tumble, good 'ol all American boys.  


Too many times we see cheap toys are purchased and break a day later, only to hear, " well what do expect it was only 5 bucks!"  We have a saying around here, " If it breaks, it's firewood!" and we quality, we don't sell firewood!


Thanks for visiting, and for your continued support.


God Bless America!


***Our Local Favorites***


The "Block 9"


"Urban Assault" Rifle


The "Woodchuck"